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About Breakbeat Mechanic record

Breakbeat Mechanic is my 1st solo Drum-n-Bass/Jungle/Breakbeat record. Basically, I programmed some music on a sequencer, dropped it into a computer, took it to a couple of studios in Brooklyn and played live drum tracks along to the sequenced tracks. The sequenced tracks consist of various sounds and some programmed beats. All of the breakbeats are played live , straight through with no loops or edits.

This record was done during the Spring and Summer of 2000. Some written in NYC and some written while on vacation in Ireland. Sharing the Producer's chair with me was star engineer, Scotty Hard. Some of Scotty's engineering credits include: De La Soul, Jungle Brothers, the 45 King, PM Dawn, Bjork, Lisa Stansfield, Medeski, Martin and Wood, Tricky, DJ Logic, Wu Tang, Gravediggaz, Chris Rock, Brand New Heavies, Boogie Down Productions, Cypress Hill and way too many others to list here.

To master the record I had another star engineer, Michael A. Fossenkemper. Fossenkemper's credits include Madonna, Color Me Bad , PM Dawn, LL Cool J, and Blues Traveler just to name a very few.

The album cover design was done by Ralph Borland, a graphic designer from Zimbabwe. Although I've done graphics for years, I decided to spread the wealth and let someone else do the album cover. Besides.... I doubt that I would have came up with the great idea that Ralph had to make a DNA chain out of bass drum pedals.

I met Scotty Hard in the Spring of 1999 while working on DJ Logic's 1st record. Later Scotty and I would be Roomies on DJ Logic's tour ( Scotty played guitar and I played Drums ) opening for Medeski, Martin and Wood. I also played a guest track on Scotty Hard's debut CD The Return of Kill Dog E.

After Scotty and I consumed several beers and lots of fatty foods on tour, Scotty Hard agreed to Co-Produce the Breakbeat Mechanic album with me.

Breakbeat Mechanic is like an instrumental version of my journal. An observation of the world at 170 BPM( beats per minute). Not all of the songs are fast..........I did a track at 165 BPM to add a little variety. There are no guest musicians on my record because I wanted to do a really honest solo record.

The tracks are:

1. Johnetta & June-- is named after my parents. The soundtrack to a young couple that falls in love , gets married, gets divorced......gets married AGAIN to each other and gets divorced again as well.

2. Catdaddy---is a track dedicated to pimps, players and hustlers all over the world. Maybe even more so to the pimp, player and hustler wannabes.

3. Bubblegum Ape Law----is about the American court system formed by these highly evolved monkeys. I was inspired to make this piece while watching Planet of the Apes.

4. American Black---I wrote when I was in Ireland in the county of Bray. Written from the point of an American Black hanging out in Ireland for a month.

5. ILLness---dedicated to all things ILL. Good or Bad. I think it's beautiful that in Hip-Hop culture ILL can be a good thing or a bad thing.

6. Fear of Mermaids--- I've wanted to use this title for years. I came up with the title after watching the local news in St.Louis, MO and they had this story on about a landlord kicking this woman out of her apartment because she hand painted her car. She had several different images on it, but the one that stuck out the most to me was a very nice painting of a Mermaid. I was disgusted that this old bastard kicked an artist out of her home for expressing herself creatively on her own property. Her car was lovely and in no way vulgar. As a kid I had this odd fear of Mermaids. I figured maybe this guy has a fear of Mermaids as well. I have a lot of things that inspired FOM but I don't want to take up too much of the page with it.

7. Humaniod---humors the thought that some of us only look human. It's actually a part two to Fear of Mermaids.

8. Mockery---Is about being laughed at for your failures and short-comings. It starts with laughter and at the end....the timing slips off and the laughter comes back.....mocking human error.

9. Dust---is about people and things that collect , settle and then get blown away.

10. Dad's Ka---is the soundtrack to an adventure a person has after borrowing their father's Ka ( a small car popular in Europe ). .

11. Memo 94---Is dedicated to the Memory of 1994.

Breakbeat Mechanic is available now through Wordsound Recordings( see 'On the Link tip' page to Wordsound site) The album is distributed by Caroline Distribution and available in stores Worldwide.

Some U.S. locations to find it at are:

Criminal Records @ 466 Moreland Ave

Waterloo @ 600 A. North Lamar Blvd

Modern Music @ 2905 O' Donnel St.

Noise @ 2929 18th St.

Pure Pop @ 115 S. Winooski Ave

Gramaphone @ 2663 N. Clark

CD World @ 5706 E. Mockingbird Rd #110

DC CD @ 2423 18th Street NW

Twist & Shout @ 300 East Alameda Ave

Wax Trax @ 638 E. 13th St.

Cactus @ 2930 S. Shephard

Arons @ 1150 N. Highland

Rhino @ 1720 Westwood Blvd

Fingerprints @ 4612 B. East. 2nd St.

Yesterday and Today @ 1614 Alton Road

Other Music @ 15 E. 4th Street

Sound and Fury @ 192 Orchard Street

Music Millennium @ 3158 E. Burnside

Ozone @ 1036 W. Burnside

Amoeba @ 185 Haight St.

Amoeba @ 2455 Telegraph Ave

Lou's @ 434 N. Highway 101 Seattle

Orpheum @ 618 Broadway E.

Vintage Vinyl @ 6610 Delmar