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Ecstasy works by increasing the amount of serotonin that your body makes. Serotonin is a substance in your brain that controls your emotions. When you have More of it you tend to feel warm and fuzzy towards other people- that’s why people Sometimes call ecstasy the “love drug.”

Ecstasy usually comes as a pill or a capsule. After you take it, it takes about 30 minutesTo start feeling it. You peak in about 1.5 hours and then it wears off after 3-4 hours. Like other “street drugs,” you never really know what you’re getting when you buy
Ecstasy. A lot of what is sold as ecstasy contains other drugs like LSD, speed, K (ketamine)Or something else.

Because ecstasy is also a stimulant, coming down can be like crashing after using speed--You can get tired, hungry and depressed. Your body will need time to recover and To rebuild the serotonin that got used up.

Dancing for long periods on ecstasy can cause dehydration from sweating all the water out Of your body. This can lead to a heart attack or stroke ( even in young people). If you have Muscle cramps, feel confused, or you are very hot but aren’t sweating, you may be gettingDehydrated. You should rest and make sure you drink lots of water.

Ecstasy can also cause the spread of HIV, Hepatitis and other sexually transmitted diseases(STDs). This happens because on ecstasy you may have sex without being careful about it. Always have condoms with you-and use them!

GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyrate )is a drug that depresses the central nervous system. It is a combination of gamma-butyrolactone (GBL), an industrial solvent used in making Paints and other products, and sodium hydroxide (lye). GHB usually comes as a clear, Odorless, nearly tasteless liquid or sometimes as a powder that is mixed with water. Because GHB Has been linked to deaths, overdoses and sexual assaults, it’s now illegal in most states.

Body builders starting taking GHB because it is said to help increase muscle-mass, but the quick, Euphoric high makes it a popular club and party drug. Because the drug slows down your body It can make you vulnerable and defenseless against attack. It can also cause memory loss-you don’t Remember what happened while you were on it. Some people slip GHB into other people’s drinks And then rape them, which is why it is often called a “date rape drug.” When you’re out, keep an Eye on your drink and be careful about drinking from other people’s glasses and bottles.

GHB is a powerful and unpredictable drug. Some people have used it one time without a problem And then the next time they have died or gone into a coma. Because of the way it is made, the Strength is always different. Most people only need a few drops to get high, so it’s best to be very Careful about how much you take and to wait at least 30 minutes before considering taking any more. Remember, the difference between having a good time and killing yourself can be a very small Amount of the drug.

Mixing GHB with alcohol, laughing gas (nitrous oxide), Special K, sleeping pills or other downers Can easily lead to death.

Ketamine, or special K, is a drug that is used to put animals out before surgery. In humans it works as a tranquilizer which takes away the feeling in your arms and legs. It can make you feel paralyzed, slur your speaking and make you feel sick. People who take K often get hurt because they fall down easily.

Special K comes as a powder of a liquid ( which is made into powder). Most sniff the powder and start feeling it about 20 minutes later. Along with making you numb, it can make you Hallucinate. Most people say that K is a rough trip because afterwards you feel worn out and Mentally shaken up.

K has very different effects than other “party drugs” like ecstasy and speed. K is a downer and It is much more dangerous. If you try it, be sure to tell a friend so they can watch out for you And help you if something goes wrong.

Some people have tried injecting K. This is not a good idea. It’s easier to overdose when you Shoot it, and you could get HIV, Hepatitis or other infections.

When you are on K it is easy for people to take advantage of you. You could be sexually abused Or raped and not be able to fight back. This could lead to getting HIV or some other sexually Transmitted disease (STD).


This list of questions can help you decide whether you are misusing any chemical or have The potential for misusing them. There are no “good” or “bad” answers to many of them-- Only honest answers. But if you find yourself silently answering “yes” to more than a few,It may be time to start thinking about ways to reduce your use of drugs.

Are drugs affecting you financially?

· Has spending money on drugs kept you from buying necessities, such as food or clothing
· or from paying the rent or mortgage?
· Do you worry about how you’ll pay for the drugs you use?
· Have you ever borrowed money to buy drugs?

Are drugs affecting your work?

· Have you ever missed a days work because of drugs?
· Have you ever used drugs for “fun”or to “help get through the day” while at work?
· Do your coworkers use drugs and try to get you to join them?
· Have you been worried lately about losing your job because of your use of drugs?

Do drugs get you into trouble?

· Have you ever driven a car while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol?
· Have you ever had an accident or been given a ticket while you were using drugs and/or alcohol?
· Have you lost a friend or friends because of your use of drugs?
· Do you lie about your drug use? Even to your close friends?
· Do you sometimes argue with people about the way you use drugs?

Do you use drugs for non-medical reasons?

· Do you take drugs to improve your mood?
· Do you use drugs to improve your sexual performance?
· Do you use drugs to help you forget your problems?
· Do you sometimes take drugs before breakfast, perhaps to get the day off to a “good” start?

Do you miss drugs when you stop using them?

· When you don’t use drugs for a few days, do you feel depressed?
· Do you feel “left out” when you are not using drugs?
· Do you sometimes feel sick—a headache, upset stomach, ect.—when you stop taking drugs
for a few days or a few weeks?

Does your use of drugs bother you at times?

· Have you lost interest in sex--even a little—since you’ve been using drugs?
· Have you ever stopped taking drugs, even temporarily, because of an
unpleasant physical or mental feeling?
· Have you ever felt sick while taking drugs but kept on taking them anyway?
· Have you ever tried to cut down your drug use?
· Do you sometimes worry that your drug use is out of control?
· Have you ever wondered whether you are addicted to drugs?
· Do you ever feel guilty about taking drugs?
· Do you have trouble waking up or have a hangover the morning after you use drugs?
· Do you suspect that your use of drugs has increased over the past few months?
· Do you think about drugs at least once a day? Even more than that?

Are drugs affecting the way you think?

· Have you sometimes thought about suicide since you’ve been using drugs?
· Do you sometimes accept drugs without even asking what it is when a friend
offers it to you?
· Are you sometimes unable to remember what happened after you’ve used drugs?
· Do you have trouble concentrating when you’ve taken drugs?