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There's always the video store.


Ok the movie thing might be slow this month because I have to finish my record and the deadline for my master is close. Here's the list and some commentary.

Worth watching.

JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS- If you like fantasy films this is a must see. Made in the 60's. By today's standards the special effects are crude, but for the time that it was made it is incredible.

DINNER WITH ANDRE- This movie is about a conversation between two men having dinner. The conversation is good and entertaining , but if you are in the mood for some action or change of scenary then you migh want to skip this one.

ROMEO IS BLEEDING- One of my favorites.

GALAXY QUEST-Despite it's horrible trailer this movie is pretty funny. I think it's worth checking out.

Get a Fruitpunch Instead!

SOMEBODY TO LOVE- Boooooooooo!!!!

NUTS IN MAY- This movie would be perfect for a mindless drinking game. Everytime the woman says " Keith" take a drink. I guarantee you will be blotto before the end of the movie. Other than that...........It may have little entertainment value.