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Sure You Do Blog
Friday, June 4, 2004
I Know Nelly!
Mood:  loud
Topic: Sure You Do
If I had a dollar for every bonehead that claimed to know Nelly I would be into some fat cash. "My brother's baby's mama used to...", or "My cousin used to braid his hair (pronounced herr)".

I hear this crap all of the time. Mostly from aspiring rappers that are trying to convince you to do some tracks with them. I often ask, "If you are so down with Nelly, then why hasn't he put you on point? Why are you bothering me about some beats? I'll tell you why, because you don't know any damn Nelly, that's why!"

St. Louis is a very small town and the possibility of bumping into someone that actually knows Nelly is very high. I don't know Nelly and never heard of him until he hit the charts like everyone else.

I was working in a studio in New York when the phone rang. "Hey, one of your boys in St. Louis done blew up." I responded, "Who? Never heard of him."

My take on STL artists is this...I am proud of anyone that makes national noise while maintaining a homebase in STL. Not to mention setting a good example for future artists by putting his money into the community and products. Nelly has done this.

My only complaint is all of the fronters that pretend to know the man to juice you for beats, get laid and ease up in a club. Oh, yeah and calling St. Louis "The Lou" kind of bothers me because I always think of the fact that it's British slang for "toilet". But then again, I 've lived here most of my life and maybe the name is fitting in some aspects. As Just-Ice would say, "Peace to all that could come".


Posted by DJ Leon Lamont at 2:36 PM CDT
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